The perfect drainage system for the most relaxing showers

Replace your faulty shower drain system now and feel the quality of your lifestyle growing! Whether you are moving to a new home, whether you are redecorating, this should be one of the first decisions that you make. Don’t leave it the last, like most people do, and you will save both time and money! Just imagine finishing the redecoration of your new wet room and realizing that you have forgot something essential, something which is actually vital in this area of the house – you’ll either have to settle for something less performant, but which fits, or you will have to start all over again from square one. USA linear drains for showers.

And you should know that the drainage system is very important, because the rest of the day can be decided in the shower room. Imagine taking your morning shower before going to work and seeing that your shower drain cannot handle the water flor – say goodbye relaxation! It shouldn’t be that way – you should be able to enjoy those couple of minutes and be able to completely wake up with a smile on your face.

Thankfully, we have the modern answer to this kind of a situation. We can provide you with the classic point drain systems, with the easy to install ready-made shower room floors, or with the latest that the technology has to offer – the new and improved linear drains. In any way, whatever choice you will make, you can be certain that we will meet all the requirements of the highest standards.

The ready-made shower room floors come with traditional point drains already incorporated – so all you need to do is connect the drain to the collecting channel. But the traditional point drains are of an obsolete design. They are basically holes in the ground, which lead the water (and its impurities) straight to the collecting channel.

In this way, the risk of clogging is increased. Also, because they are positioned in the middle of the wet room or of the shower floor, there needs to be a concentric tilt of the floor towards the drain. In this case, if you choose this type of shower drain and because of its position, the risk of water infiltrating beneath the tiles is also increased.

But these problems will go away completely if you choose the channel drains. With long and narrow profiles, the linear drains are usually placed beside one of the wet room walls or in one of the corners. For this reason, the risk of infiltration is greatly reduced. Just like it is with the risk of clogging – the linear drains collect the water on a larger area and only afterwards lead it towards the collecting channel.

For this same reason, the linear drains can also handle a larger volume of water – of course, it all depends on their opening.

We have all sorts of solutions for a modern home’s wet room drainage system. If you have decided already which one is perfect for your lifestyle, then pay us a small visit. If you are still undecided, give us a call and we will guide you towards the perfect purchase.

Change your faulty and obsolete shower drain system now!