Surveillance cameras hd and ptz

HD surveillance cameras are a new step in the CCTV industry. Until now, people enjoyed a perimeter view at a relatively poor quality (420 TV lines). This video quality was not enough to see important details such as, for example, the registration number, the cash collected, or the physiognomy of an individual’s face.

For these reasons, HD cameras with megapixel sensor were born. As a matter of fact, nothing has changed. It remained the same very well-formed form but the CCD was replaced with a more advanced one able to provide 720P (1280 x 720) and even 1080P (1920 x 1080) resolutions. In this way, clear images can be displayed and identification of offenders becomes much easier.

It is obvious that in order to fully enjoy the benefits of this technology, you need to take care of what DVR model you are using. If you already have a full d1 digital video recorder, it’s fine, but this resolution is only half that of the 720P (not to mention the full 1080p hd). So you could consider changing the storage-playback solution to have a good quality of captured information.

If you have a store, a betting house, a gas station, etc., the monitoring solution is most likely to be high-definition. In such locations, all sorts of situations can occur, and you need to have hd cameras. We offer two types of rooms: antivandal dome-type interior damp-proof and outdoor with varifocal lens that allows you to adjust the angle, focus and distances to suit your needs. Also in the outdoor cameras are infrared lights that can offer clear images including total light.

The exterior model housing is hermetically sealed to prevent unfavorable weather from affecting the equipment. Home security camera installation in London.Surveillance cameras hd and ptz

Surveillance cameras PTZ

Video surveillance is a growing need for people who own stores, greenhouses, warehouses, and so on. Many say that video camera surveillance is just a fad and that such equipment has a far too high cost if you are balancing the image quality and price. We fully agree with those who say this only that those people are part of that category that only believes in a marketing strategy for merchants in our country.

Video surveillance is not pricing based on what we have said in the countless articles posted on this blog. Rooms are purchased according to your needs as a user and especially taking into account the requirements of the space. Only in this way the balance between the money spent and the quality of the pictures may be in your favor as a future video surveillance system owner.

Most are looking for the cheapest products and then complaining about the quality of the images. I think this is quite logical, so we will not develop the subject. For those who really need professional monitoring, welcome to the world of PTZ surveillance cameras. The acronym comes from Pan Tilt Zoom and represents the idea of a motorized lens that gives the user the flexibility to manipulate the lens position, focus and opening at will or as needed.

Room PTZThe PTZ cameras are those cameras that offer the quality pratically demanded by all buyers (only many are not willing to pay for it) and represent the perfect solution if you want remote identification of an individual or obtaining the registration number. There are more and more frequent cases where people want to identify long distance car numbers with cameras equipped with fixed or varifocal lenses. This will be almost impossible, believe me the word. It is true that this equation also enters the distance that plays an important role.

If you really want a state-of-the-art high performance surveillance system, then focus on PTZ camcorders. Basically, a PTZ camera does not lose image quality even if the zoom function is operating for a long distance because we are talking about a non-digital optical zoom that pixels the image, that makes it blurry.

It’s true that for a PTZ camera you need a slightly larger budget. If you want to protect your thieves or grab them, no classical soil is better than the PTZ camera. When we say classic solution, we refer to analog cameras with fixed and even varifocal lenses. There are countless cases you’ve probably seen in the news that the 420 TVL cameras do not see anything and the identification tends to zero. This way you spent a lot of money on a system that will not help you anymore, you have damages that you have to pay from your own pocket.

As a final conclusion, ask for advice from specialists, not neighbors, when you want to buy surveillance cameras and beyond that you take great care at prices. These are the first clues to a video surveillance system as you want. For more details or additional information do not hesitate to contact us at the online store